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Golden Palace Hotel

79, Budha Nagar Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneswar

Dirección Golden Palace Hotel

79, Budha Nagar Bhubaneswar , Bhubaneswar , India
Teléfono: No especificado Fax: ""

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  • a beautiful hotel 2007-05-25 - travel.yahoo.com

  • We went with the locals and had the traditional banquet style meal which included the old royal dishes like shark fins and swallow's nests. 2007-05-25 - travel.yahoo.com

  • They were delicious but quite expensive. 2007-05-25 - travel.yahoo.com

  • Rooms were spacious, however they need renovation. 2006-11-16 - travel.yahoo.com

  • The service was outstanding. 2006-11-16 - travel.yahoo.com