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Hotel Asteria Sorgun Resort

Sorgun Beldesi 3, null

Hardly any other city combines ancient and modern times have succeeded so as Side in the Turk. A nice place with an impressive ancient old town along the picturesque fishing port you can pretty restaurants to pass on the Agora and Athena and Apollo temple to walk. His popularity owes his side excellent location on a long sandy beaches framed headland. The hotel facilities are located in five regions of the right and left side. Orange groves and cotton plantations as well as the unique location on a spit of land to emphasize the natural beauty of this landscape. Side may be the oldest places in Turkey are counted. From here you can start comfortably day trips to ancient sites such as Aspendos Perge Termessos Pamukkale or to the waterfalls of Manavgat.1. From Alanya to Antalya and Konya from the Middle Ages to modern times caravans held at the Alara hostel. The caravanserai is authentically restored and there are evening events with the name of Turkish nights in them instead. Alara Castle was built in the Byzantine period in the outcome of the valley in an easterly direction on a 300 meter high hill. In the castle you can see secret exits which led to the Alara River. Today on the River Alara canoeing and rafting trips organized. The entire region is known for its famous banana cultivation. 2. Hamaxia the city in the village Elikesik 6 km northwest of Alanya is within the boundaries of the ancient Pamphylia region. Among the population it is known as Sinekkalesi. Strabo Geography of the famous ancient time tells about the city that they have a center of lumber for ship production and especially a city where there are particularly large cedar trees. It is believed that the city before the Roman period has been populated. Most are remnants from the Roman and Byzantine times. 3. The former name of the city in Luwian / Etruscan language was Korakassa or Karakassa what city edge meant. The ancient trade route from the interior of Anatolia to the Mediterranean via Kawana led along a river valley to the south and went into Korakesion has long been used. The actual development of the city was in the Byzantine era when the castle again had special significance. The walls were about 80 towers and 150 bastions. The facility is excellent for a nice trip into the past. 4. Dim cave in 1998 opened for tourism. A convenient way runs through the 360-meter-long cave the average wide and high is about 10-15 m . To the both sides of the bridge to watch beautifully trained stalactites stalagmites macaroni and stalagmite flags this makes the commission of a special experience. The stalagmite education lasts even today. The Pamukkale - Salon at the northern end of the cave you can see extraordinarily beautiful sintered flowers while in the south of the grand salon a cave lake is spreading. 5. Syedra is in the history in the 3rd Century BC occurred and is located 18 km from Alanya on the main road to Mersin. If some climbs to the summit which this city is built y


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Hotel Asteria Sorgun Resort

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