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Chalet Suzanne

3800 Chalet Suzanne Drive, Lake Wales

Front Desk Hours are 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Children are welcome at the adult rate. The Hinshaw family has been making guests welcome for over 70 years, whether you come by car or plane, for a single meal or several, for one day or more. This enchanting Inn of 26 rooms, nestled on a 100 acre estate, is a gracious oasis amidst the excitement of Central Florida attractions, catering to discriminating guests of all ages. Each Chalet guest room greets you with cordial warmth, delightfully different, with the comforts of private entrance, private bath, air conditioning, telephone and television. The sparkling pool, lake and airstrip are only a few steps from your courtyard or patio. The essence of the Chalet's reputation is its cuisine, food that Gourmet Magazine calls glorious ... served in a unique setting of five quaint rooms on many levels, overlooking the lake. Every corner glows with antiques, stained glass and old lamps from far away places. Before you leave, seek out these whimsical spots ... The Swiss Room, Wine Dungeon, Gift Boutique, Autograph Garden, Ceramic Studio, Airstrip and last but not least, the Soup Cannery, where those delicious soups, which have even been to the Moon, are processed for gift giving all over the globe. Chalet Suzanne is a subtle balm ... a lovely memory that stays hidden in your heart.


Entrada 1500
Salida 1200

Dirección Chalet Suzanne

3800 Chalet Suzanne Drive CP: 33859 , Lake Wales , Estados Unidos
Teléfono: 1-941-676-6011 Fax: 1 1-111-1111111

Servicios del Hotel

  • Habitaciones para minusválidos
  • Servicios de masajes
  • Boutiques/tiendas
  • Internet
  • Recepción las 24 horas
  • Piscina
  • Máquina de hielo
  • Servicios de bodas
  • Desayuno de cortesía

Comodidades de las habitaciones

  • Acceso a internet
  • Ducha
  • Bañera
Chalet Suzanne

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  • My BIL sent his meal back & the chef made the poor little waitress come back and do his dirty work stating "the chef respectfully disagreed". 2010-10-28 - travel.yahoo.com

  • Unbelievably POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. 2010-10-28 - travel.yahoo.com

  • Got a gross little room with a dilapidated bathroom, moldy/musty smelling. 2009-05-16 - travel.yahoo.com

  • It was a memorable experience and fortunately we're able to laugh about it, but for $400 all up, we could have gone somewhere enjoyable. 2009-05-16 - travel.yahoo.com

  • Dinner was good, but dessert was carrot cake strait out of the refrigerator, revolting soggy bottom with that commercial refrigerator smell. 2009-05-16 - travel.yahoo.com

  • We must have gone somewhere other than where all these "5 star, it's wonderfully romantic" people went. 2009-05-16 - travel.yahoo.com

  • Dinner was in a funky building (don't they have building codes in this county? 2009-05-16 - travel.yahoo.com

  • What an OVERPRICED DUMP!!! Stay away1 2009-05-16 - travel.yahoo.com

  • The Chalet and restaurant are very quaint and charming looking from the outside; but inside the dining room our chairs were wobbly, and while my sisters had a nice view of the lake, I faced the front of a dilapidated building. 2009-03-04 - travel.yahoo.com

  • It was delicious. 2009-03-04 - travel.yahoo.com

  • If you only knew the rest of the story, starting at the World Famous Wine Dungeon. 2009-02-03 - travelpost.com

  • Wonderful service, superb food. 2008-12-18 - travelpost.com

  • Understanding the history of this inn puts the uneven floors, low ceilings, and odd shaped rooms in perspective and adds to the charm of the place. 2008-12-18 - travelpost.com

  • Hey I've stayed in many big cities and really highly rated hotels and they turned out the worst: Miami reeks with poor hygiene practiced by the workers, filthy kitchens horrible service and dangerously bad food (mostly latin and island food) the most I think... 2008-08-20 - travel.yahoo.com