Chongqing Shipin Mansion

72, Shaanxi Road, Chongqing

For  many tourists, Chongqing is either the start or the terminal of a Three Gorges tour, and since the city is short of budget hotels, backpackers may not wish to stay long here. The only budget hotel that accepts foreigners near the passenger port of the Yangtze river is the Chongqin Shipin Mansion(Chongqing Shipin Dasha).Although this hotel is far from the city center, the accommodation is clean and cheap. The hotel has clean triple rooms with private bath for RMB150, but no single bed rental can be arranged. If you happen to travel with a partner, this maybe a good choice.The hotel also has standard double rooms and single rooms. A standard single room costs RMB100.

Dirección Chongqing Shipin Mansion

72, Shaanxi Road ,Chongqing,China
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