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Mimi Del Mar

4a NORTE, ZN.FED.MARITIMA, LT.1-A MZA.002, Playa del Carmen

Dirección Mimi Del Mar

4a NORTE, ZN.FED.MARITIMA, LT.1-A MZA.002 CP: 77710 , Playa del Carmen , México
Teléfono: No especificado Fax: 529848732595

Mimi Del Mar

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  • The same quick and friendly staff will continue to bring drinks and then lunch. 2010-01-15 - igougo.com

  • Nothing too fancy about this Mexican style hotel but it is adequate for a budget stay. 2010-01-15 - igougo.com

  • These rooms were the nicest with two beds, palapa thatched roof and a bigger bathroom. 2010-01-15 - igougo.com

  • Located next to Bad Boys Beach Club with live music until 9pm on Thursdays and Saturdays. 2010-01-15 - igougo.com

  • None of the room open directly to the sand but the two beachfront rooms have private decks above the office and bar. 2010-01-15 - igougo.com

  • Right on the beach, next to a great (Bad Boys) Bar which closes @ 11:00 pm, clean rooms, fab prices and friendly staff 2009-10-27 - travel.yahoo.com