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several apartments in Holendrechtstraat, Amsterdam

Property Description ________________________________________ Stay for 30,00 - 45,00 euro per person per night 10 minutes from night-life Rembrandt-square. Larger rooms, cooking facilities, no noisy traffic, lower prices than a 2 -star Hotel. More comfort. This is a great base from which to explore the city in comfort and with a feeling of freedom and independence IF you accept the conditions. IMPORTANT. IF, you are not able to understand the English language we advise to use the "internet-translator" to translate and understand the rental- + payment-conditions BEFORE you book. You do not rent a Hostel or Pension or Guesthouse or Bed-and-Breakfast or Hotel. You will get a private room inside a residence-apartment where also the tenants are living with house-rules. We appreciate that there will be no disappointment and no misunderstandings. The location is 10 minutes with public-transport ( not walking ) from down-town-centre. Groups can not have a party or making music. The tenants offer rooms inside there private apartment. Tourists sublet directly from the tenants living in these apartments as matter of holiday-swapping or lodging. That is legal during the holiday-periods and also when the tenants are at home. You pay direct to the bank-account of the resident(s). Only a few weeks per year rooms are available for sub-letting to tourists when the residents renting and living in the apartment are out of town or sleep in another room or another apartment. Priority is to let the 'Apartments' monthly for residency. You sub-let direct from the tenants, not from the owners, not from a agent. No room-service, no breakfast, no 24 hour reception is available. You get a self-catering accommodation. You do not pay for Hotel-facilities: no breakfast, no air-condition, no elevator, no cleaning service during your stay. no 24 hour reception and no waiting-room are available. ATTENTION 1. Read also PAGE 2 of the reconfirmation that you receive from this Portal. This Portal confirms that your booking is NOT secure if you only paid the 10% fee. To secure a booking you have to pay IN ADDITION 2 times: First you pay the 10% charge to receive the reservation-option. . PLUS . Second you pay the EXTRA key-deposit IN FORWARD = Euro 50,00 ( for 1 person NOT-ensuite ) Euro 100, 00 ( for 1 - 2 persons NOT-ensuite ) Euro 150, 00 ( for 1 - 3 persons Private-ensuite ) Euro 200, 00 ( for 4 - 7 persons ) Euro 300, 00 ( for 8 - 11 persons ) This Key-deposit will be refund to your credit card on the date of departure after keys are found back. There are 2 methods of payment in FORWARD: 1 = with credit card on-line through a secure internet-bank Paypal. 2 = through international bank-transfer IBAN-bic. ATTENTION 2. CHECK your E-mail + also your "SPAM-BOX" the same day! OPEN the e-mails send by Theo Beelt + Humij b.v. You have to pay the key-deposit the same day or within 2 days.!!! You have to re-confirm within 48 hours that you accept the room + conditions.!!! When we receive your key-deposit through Paypal you receive a receipt-statement from Paypal within a few minutes. When you order a international-bank-transfer your bank hand over to you a customers-copy with all details. You send that customers-copy to us by E-mail or fax the same day. ATTENTION 3. IF, you do not respond on our E-mails + IF, you do not send the key-deposit before the expiry-time your reservation-option is cancel and the accommodation will be made again available for other clients. In case of cancellation the paid 10% charge will NOT be refund. You loose the 10% if you do not finish the payment key-deposit. ATTENTION 4. The small 1 - 4 persons rooms ( en-suite + not-en-suite ) are Non-smoking. The coffee-shop is inside the complex 3 minutes walk where you can smoke legal a joined. IF you like to pay extra to get permission to smoke inside the apartment you have to upgrade to the larger suite-rooms or you sub-let a complete 3 rooms apartment. 3 - 4 rooms Apartments with 3 bath-rooms for 5 - 10 persons. 2 - 3 rooms Apartments with 2 bath-rooms for 5 - 8 persons. Also available inside the apartments: 2-room-'Suites' for 4 persons inside a 3 rooms apartment. 1-room-'Suites' for 4 persons inside a 2 rooms apartment. 1-room-'Studios' for 2 - 3 persons inside a 3 - 4 rooms apartment. 'Studio- and suite-rooms' have a shower, toilet + cooking-facilities. ATTENTION 5. There are a few cheap bed-rooms ( NOT en-suite ) for 1 - 4 persons inside a 3 - 4 rooms apartment. These bed-rooms are CHEAP but you do NOT have a private shower, toilet + do NOT have cooking-facilities. The rooms are just to sleep. You can not smoke and not cook and you can not hang-around all day inside the room. You share the bath-room with the other rooms where the tenants are living and keep it clean. Do NOT reserve these CHEAP rooms (NOT en-suite ) when you expect double-beds, large rooms, luxury, private shower + toilet, or when you do not like to pay the key-deposit in forward. These 1 person rooms have 1 single-bed. These 2 person rooms have 1 raised-bed + 1 single-bed. These 3 person rooms have 1 raised-bed + 1 double-bed. These 4 person rooms have 2 single-beds + 1 raised-bed. ATTENTION 6. You receive keys to come home as you wish. All beds are made up with clean bed-linen. No towels are include in the price. One towel = euro 2,00 extra. ATTENTION 7. Collecting keys ( NOT before 15 pm NOT after 22 pm ) and always on a fixed time-period 30 minutes You have to contact us by E-mail or phone within 8 hours to arrange: your payment + the exact time collecting keys. Returning keys (every time before 11.00 am ) you drop keys in mail-box and clean dishes + room: the key-deposit will be refund to your credit card account the same day. Other times ONLY on request with extra charge. ATTENTION 8. On arrival-date you pay all the nights with CASH (no credit card ) Knowing that most clients do not like to travel with cash we offer an alternative. You transfer the final payment of all nights 7 days before arrival to the Bank-account of the resident(s) in Amsterdam. You receive the details of the bank-account together with the invoice in the first E-mail. 7 days before arrival you should know the exact number of persons enjoying your group. +++++++++++ The residents offer something different. A convenient alternative to hotel-rooms: cheaper + more privacy + comfort to feel home. You can come and go to your home as you please with your own set keys. On one location 30 DIFFERENT type APARTMENTS and STUDIO-ROOMS and HOUSE-BOATS up to 100 persons in Centre Amsterdam. Enjoy the reasonable prices without extra expense for restaurant or room-service. Get comfort, privacy, quite sleep for low budget still inside the district Centre Amsterdam 5700. Do not expect 24-hours hotel-services or AAA-location Dam-square where you will pay 3 times more. We advise read and print this information NOW. We prefer that you understand the conditions + what is yes and not include in the price BEFORE you pay the first 10% charge to this Portal. +++++++++++ You can order a cheap taxi-pick-up from Airport Amsterdam and also back. Price taxi = Euro 32, 00 is for maximum 8 persons. ( 1 train-ticket + 1 bus-ticket = Euro 4,60 ). If you take a taxi you can collect the keys 1 hour after landing or ½ hour after arrival at Central Station. +++++++++++ THERE ARE DIFFERENT SIZES OF ROOMS ALL IN THE SAME LOCATION HOLENDRECHTSTRAAT YOU HAVE MANY OPTIONS TO MAKE A COMBINATION THAT IS CONVENIENT FOR YOUR BUDGET. CLOSE TO RIVER AMSTEL AND AMSTEL-CANAL. +++++++++++ Each apartment is suited to groups of a different size, so, you can enjoy the accommodation whether you're 2 couples on a romantic Amsterdam getaway or if you are a team of 5 - 50 persons using different apartments in the same complex. This complex is in a unique position to match your needs in the same block. To avoid disappointments be aware: - The 2 - 4 person Studio-rooms and 1 - 4 persons Guest-rooms are PRIVATE but INSIDE a apartment. You share the main-door + corridor with other rooms where the tenants are living. - Clean Bed-linen is included but each towel is Euro 2, 00 extra. - You do NOT pay for a Hotel-room or Hotel-services or 24-hours Reception. - You have to organize 48 hours before arrival: 1 = collecting keys + cash-payments on a fixed time-period within 30 minutes between 15.00 - 22.00 pm. Other times only on request with extra charge. After 23.30 pm NO collecting keys. 2 = returning keys in the Mail-box at the apartments 3 = your key-deposit will be refund to your Paypal-account after keys + accommodation are found back in good + clean condition at latest 11.00 am. +++++++++++ All rooms: inclusive TV, Video-recorder, Safe-deposit-box, Clean bed-linen, Fridge. ( NO TOWELS ). BE AWARE: the rooms are NOT hotel-rooms with standard-beds. You will have different beds ( sofa-, raised-, double- or single-beds ). Only rooms EN-SUITE have a PRIVATE shower, toilet, cooking-equipment, Fridge, TV, Video-recorder, Safe-deposit-box, clean bed-linen. 1-room studios 2 -3 persons with 1 shower, 1 toilet, 1 kitchenette. 1-room suites 4 persons with 1 shower, 1 toilet, 1 kitchenette. 2-rooms apartments 4 persons with 1 bath-room or 2 bath-rooms + 1 kitchen. 3-rooms apartments 5 - 9 persons with 1 bath-room + 2 kitchens. 3-, 4-rooms apartments 6 - 10 persons with 3 bath-rooms + 1 kitchen-room and inside the rooms extra kitchenettes. 2-, 3-rooms double-apartments 8 - 12 persons with 2 bath-rooms + 2 kitchens. +++++++++++ We send real photos of the room after you send your reservation-request BEFORE you secure a booking with a real down-payment of the key-deposit. This complex is not a Hotel but a housing-block with private apartments for residency. Located around a car-free court in a quite residential district with house-keeping on location to serve you with collecting keys, cleaning. - The accommodation is self-supporting. No breakfast will be served. - You can not invite extra guests visiting your apartment if you did not pay for these extra persons to use the facilities. - No room-maid or loud music or traffic will disturb your privacy. - Daily cleaning-services is available on request for Euro 11, 00 per 30 minutes. - All rates are inclusive taxes, inclusive cleaning of your bath-rooms after you return the keys. - You have to clean the kitchens + cooking-equipment + dishes, pots, cutlery. +++++++++++ If you come home late night or early morning you will sleep without being disturbed by traffic or bars. This large apartment-complex is only 10 minutes from bars, disco, after-night-parties and 15 minutes from Red-light-district. Bus and tram run 24 hours. Euro 11, 00 for a 7 days pass public-transport centre Amsterdam = Euro 1,50 per day ( cheaper then 1 single ticket ). +++++++++++ RENTAL- + PAYMENT-conditions: We send information ONLY in English. IF, you do NOT contact us to guarantee that you will show up to pay the outstanding amount + IF, you do not pay before arrival ALSO the key-deposit The room(s) will be given to up-following clients and you have to find elsewhere accommodation. The 10% charge paid to this Portal will not refund if the room(s) are given to other clients because you did not respond or did not order the extra down-payment or did not accept the rental-, payment-conditions within 48 hours. PRINT this information to avoid any misunderstanding about where you are paying for and under which conditions. There will be no misunderstanding. Counsel Amsterdam-city order strictly regulations for tourists using apartments to sleep. ALL clients have to respect the Dutch Law + Regulations. You receive on location a city-map with all shops, cash-points, public-transport to find your way. We send photos before you pay the key-deposit or the first night(s). Do not complain that you receive a small room with sharing bath + toilet + no kitchen if you did not pay for a large room en-suite ( = private shower, toilet, kitchenette ). Of course you always can apply to upgrade your booking to a larger or more separate rooms. You also can apply till 7 DAYS BEFORE ARRIVAL to change the booking in a smaller and cheaper room if some of your group will not travel to Amsterdam. +++++++++++ Open your E-mail 48 hours AFTER you made your reservation-request + 48 hours before arrival-date. We send you 3 extra E-mails !!!!!!!!! 1 = re-confirmation + photos + bank-details. 2 = money-request Paypal for down-payment key-deposit. 3 = Receipt + city-maps + route to apartment + house-rules. . PRINT out the Receipt + House-rules!!! You ONLY receive keys if you hand over the outstanding amount IN CASH in euro when you collect the keys. NO credit card payments at the apartments. NO cash-payments in euro = NO keys. The best is that you E-mail us or phone us straight away after you send your bookings-request to organize the fixed-time collecting-keys, a taxi-pick-up on Airport or to upgrade the room if you need other type beds or more separate rooms. We can serve you the best if you inform us by E-mail fully and in time. With regards, Theo Beelt - director European Apartments Reservations. ( Humij b.v. )

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