Jacaranda Golf Hotel Agadir

4 Km Route Inezgane, Agadir

Dirección Jacaranda Golf Hotel Agadir

4 Km Route Inezgane , CP: 80000 , Agadir , Marruecos
Teléfono: No especificado
Fax: 212 528280321

Jacaranda Golf Hotel Agadir

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  • Although she tries to be friendly with her guests there is a horrible smile she puts on if you make a complaint. 2007-04-27 - travel.yahoo.com

  • Agadir is a lovely place the Moroccan people are very friendly. 2007-04-27 - travel.yahoo.com

  • The hotel location is very bad in a very shabby area. 2007-04-27 - travel.yahoo.com

  • Most of the food was delicious but very expensive one can eat out in a restaurant cheaper. 2007-04-27 - travel.yahoo.com

  • The accommodation is very nice very clean spacious and neat. 2007-04-27 - travel.yahoo.com

  • The food, although quite pricey for the area is absolutely wonderful and you don't resent paying for such quality. 2007-03-04 - travel.yahoo.com

  • Poor service attitude, bad experience! 2006-09-16 - travelpost.com