Kingdom Hostel

Carretera a Puerto Marqués, Casi esquina con Glorieta de Puerto Marqués, Acapulco

Kingdom Hostel is built on 4 acres of land situated between Old Acapulco
city and the new Acapulco, where the best hotels are right now like the Fairmont Princess Hotel, known as Acapulco´s most beautiful beach. 4 pesos (less than half a US dollar) gets you to Acapulco central or to Fairmount Princess beach in 10 minutes.

Formerly a training club for athletes, Kingdom Hostel has a lot to offer at a modest price. Olympic-size swimming pool, professional tennis court, soccer field, running track and a 10 minute walk from the beach at Puerto Marquez.

In Puerto Marquez you can find meals and water sports at a fraction of the price paid in Acapulco central. Although the Hostel complex is gated with security, the surrounding neighborhood is safe to walk at night.

The washrooms have been described by guests as looking like those in a five-star hotel. We have 72 beds and offer a high shower to bed ratio. The rooms are air-conditioned or you can open the windows if you like. We offer an air-conditioned theatre with 2 wide-screen TVs.

We all have a great time together and throw parties for special occasions. One of our guests called our hostel a palace. Check us out! We know you will be impressed and have the time of your life here in Acapulco!

Best Youth Hostel 2005 (Student Travel)

Dirección Kingdom Hostel

Carretera a Puerto Marqués, Casi esquina con Glorieta de Puerto Marqués , Acapulco , México
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