Mambo Tango

Poeta Cabanyes, 23, Barcelona

Best rating in Barcelona during last 2 years!! internet, lockers and linen for free!!! We are all backpackers like you, inspired on our journeys, we dream about opening our own house to share the travelling experience with other people. In Mambo Tango you will have a familiar, friendly and young atmosphere where you will find us the whole day. If you are people who want to make new friends, have a beer, enjoy the hostel atmosphere, enjoy Barcelona,…you are really welcome! Our success is based on the respect to others!! Mambo Tango family is not a party hostel, is not a drunk hostel, is not a messy hostel, and is not a unrespectful hostel, and above all is not a hostel where people does not respect others sleeping in room. Mambo Tango is a respectful and peaceful hostel. If you want to book here please don't forget it. If you want to stay in a hostel where you can feel at home even if you're traveling by yourself where you will meet other people and have nice quiet nights, long conversations, activities, good music and STAFF TREATING YOU LIKE THEIR FAMILY then this is the place for you. We offer many different activities and parties everyday but we are not a party hostel , so that means we never make party inside the hostel and we are very strict about noise at nights. Remember we are happy if you enjoy Barcelona's nights but we are also happy about letting people have a nice rest!! ''Mambo Tango is by far the best Hostel in Barcelona, they have the friendliest staff in the world,no lie, Such a cosy hostel with everything within walking distance, you will have an awesome time here, highly recommend..!!'' Brad, Australia | reviewed on 18th September 2009 ''This Youth Hostel is a house, and this is the way they make you feel. You are at home here at Mambo Tango. After many experiences in different hostels in Europe, I have to say that Mambo Tango works very hard to have a very respectful and peaceful vibe without the crazy drunken atmosphere offered at most other hostels. Perhaps the reason why they are so successful is because they offer a place where you can have a good night sleep, which to many backpackers who enjoy the sights and culture of a city and not the party, is very important. Stay great Mambo Tango and thank you so much for your warmth and grand effort. Oh, and did I mention that they have a bar that offers all kinds of beer and juices, ideal for conversation, making friends, and a movie theatre downstairs with a great selection…Thanks.'' / Reviewed in 2007/ Hostel Description: Mambo Tango is all about good travelling experiences based on the ideals of respect and high standards. This has been our continuing strength, and we wish to keep it that way. We don't tolerate, under any circumstances, disrespectful and disruptive behaviour, in particular that resulting from irresponsible drinking. In short, we don't like unrespectful people! If this isn't okay with you, there are plenty of other places in Barcelona that could fulfill your needs. Mambo Tango offers you the best quality services: from 2 to 8 people rooms, shared facilities, lounge, home cinema, kitchen, activities, and much more.... you will find different dorms, sheets and big lockers are always included. Internet and WIFI is for free. We also have a lounge where you will want to stay the whole day and you won't feel like going out! We provide you with nice music, good vibrations, lots of movies and books. you will feel like home and for sure you will be back! By the way, don't forget to tell your mama you won't be back home!! Location: Mambo Tango is in the heart of the city, in a few minuts walking you can get to the famous Ramblas and Catalunya square, the Barceloneta's beach, Montjüic mountain, where you will relax and enjoy the paronamic views of the city, and all the most interesting places in Barcelona, like museums, parks, shops, theatre, pubs and much more! We are in Poble sec, this is a district with an old architecture, the hostel's building was built in 1893, that make's our home an special place. We also make some activities so you can meet people in the hostel ans enjoy many different activities in the city! It's a multicultural district but there are also local restaurants to have "tapas", pubs, discos to dance and to listen live music, etc. Come and see! We are waiting for you!! Very Important: +++ Our cancellation policy is 48hs - 2 days before arrival date-+++ **** Cancelation must to be notified by email. 'Air conditioned paradise, I loved this place. For once I wasn't surrounded by young spring break, let's have sex in the toilets people and got to enjoy the safest most relaxed hostel around. Everything went really well at Mambo Tango. Even when my travel buddy got held to ransom by a taxi driver at the airport, the staff found me, woke me, and took care of all the details in between to make sure it all worked out ok. Biggest pluses here were to REAL espresso coffee available, nature of all the people who were traveling there ( not kids, real travelers who like the good life when traveling ), air conditioned rooms to save you from the sweltering heat at night, and just safety. How many places have you been where you can be sure that if you leave anything out, like your camera, it isn't going to be nicked by some gob-shite. Here, nothing goes missing. People are real, nice, and up for a good time. Even if people staying there come in after a large night dancing away, people are just quiet and don't wake everyone else up. The whole place exudes respect and the better side of staying in a hostel. Good stuff Mambo tango - your on the right track! ' Reviewed in 2008



Dirección Mambo Tango

Poeta Cabanyes, 23CP:08004,Barcelona,España
Teléfono:No especificadoFax:No especificado

Servicios del Hotel

  • Caja de seguridad
  • Salones/Bares
  • Internet
  • Aire acondicionado
  • Mostrador de información turística
  • Recepción las 24 horas
  • Sala de juegos
  • Vestuario

Comodidades de las habitaciones

  • Acceso a internet
  • Aire acondicionado
  • Ducha
  • Minibar
Mambo Tango

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