Ridgewood Residence

Juan Felipe, Baguio

Ubicación. Ridgewood Residence se encuentra en Baguio. Características del hotel. La oferta de restauración en Ridgewood Residence se compone de un restaurante y cafetería. Este hotel sirve desayuno gratuito. Este establecimiento situado en Baguio dispone de espacio para eventos, y cuenta con sala de recepciones y salas de conferencias o reuniones. Habitaciones. Todos los alojamientos de Ridgewood Residence ofrecen cafetera y tetera. Se ofrece televisión por cable. Notificaciones: Los cargos y depósitos adicionales se pagan en el hotel al recibir el servicio o en el momento del check-in o del check-out.


Entrada02:00:00 P
Salida12:00:00 P

Dirección Ridgewood Residence

Juan FelipeCP:2600,Baguio,Filipinas
Teléfono:No especificadoFax:No especificado

Ridgewood Residence

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  • Beautiful hotel, very reasonable in terms of cost.2008-07-01 - asiarooms.com

  • Nicely located, near the Mansion, but very close to the downtown...2008-07-01 - asiarooms.com

  • We had a very enjoyable stay and will stay there again.2008-06-01 - asiarooms.com

  • The hotel was a very good value and the staff were first class.2008-06-01 - asiarooms.com

  • The Staff are really friendly and they try their best--they DO deserve a better hotel and owner/s to work for.2008-03-31 - virtualtourist.com

  • Yet beware--the pleasant experience ends there!2008-03-31 - virtualtourist.com

  • The hotel is so stingy and cheap they even turn off their waterfalls in the landscaped garden early in the morning.2008-03-31 - virtualtourist.com

  • To top it all off---there is NO room service.2008-03-31 - virtualtourist.com

  • Hotel looks nice, online and in real life--and this is because it is one of the few new hotels in Baguio.2008-03-31 - virtualtourist.com

  • Their biggest beds actually measure 48x60 so if you a companion both of will have to master the art of synchronized turning while asleep.2008-03-31 - virtualtourist.com

  • Though too many staff hanging around watching us and talking in their language and laughing made us feel uncomfortable and was rude.2008-02-01 - asiarooms.com

  • The staff is friendly to be sure but the service is terrible.2007-05-01 - asiarooms.com

  • Room is stark, spare, dull.2007-05-01 - asiarooms.com